What is the cost of living in Mexico?

We have complied a pretty complete list here of food, household supplies, beer, wine & liquor. Prices vary depending upon what part of Mexico you live in. We are in the Yucatan, fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available year round as is seafood, poultry & meat. Quality is outstanding and there’s no growth hormones or pesticides. Food definitely taste better in Mexico.



Seasonal Pricing The prices of fresh fruit and vegetables quoted in the detailed price tables reflect the current market prices being asked for those goods at modern supermarkets in Tulum & Playa del Carmen. The price of these foods varies substantially depending on the season, the weather, crop yields and other factors such as wider international market demand for certain foods. A drop in supply can lead to a sudden increase in prices, and a glut of any particular crop in a given year can lead to a remarkable fall; for example, some years it’s possible to see street traders offering a large sack full of fresh oranges for less than US$2.