Cheat sheet on how to type using Spanish symbols

By the numbers…

Following are the key combinations on an English keyboard that should be used in order to provide the correct Spanish accent. In this way you don’t have to insert special characters (i.e. Insert menu, Symbol, select Symbol tab, normal text for Font) or to add them later by hand.

PC Compatible Platform Make sure the Num Lock on the keypad at the right of your keyboard is on. Hold down the ALT key while at the same time typing the following numbers on the keypad.

The character will appear when you lift the ALT and finish typing the numbers.
ALT 160 = á
ALT 161 = í
ALT 162 = ó
ALT 163 = ú
ALT 164 = ñ
ALT 168 = ¿
ALT 130 = é
ALT 173 = ¡
ALT 129 = ü

Macintosh Platform You can use the standard Macintosh fonts to type the necessary characters in Spanish. Press the key combination option-e (press and hold the option key, and then press the “e” key). Release both and press the vowel that you want accented
Option-e+a = á
Option-e+e = é
Option-e+i = í
Option-e+o = ó
Option-e+u = ú

Other special characters:
Option-n+n = ñ
Option-u+u = ü
Option-1 produces an inverted exclamation point.
Shift-Option-? produces an inverted question mark.

You can use almost any word processor to type these characters.