Baja California

Southern Baja or northern Baja are both majestic, wait, you mean you didn’t know there was a northern Baja? With wonderful wine growing regions and seafood to die for all regions of Baja California are excellent choices to live the perfect getaway. The best oysters, clams and scallops you ever tasted plus all of the other seafood we all love.

The Wonderful Ocean Peaks of Baja

The south tip region of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo are the most beautiful rocky cliff coast lines of Mexico. The growth has been incredible the past 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. I moved to Todos Santos from Hawaii and the prices blew me away. Todos Santos is about 45 miles up the Pacific coast on the new highway. It has become the Taos, New Mexico artist community south for all of the artist who call it home like Charles Stewart. It is a beautiful little town that seems to be waiting for something to awaken it from it’s slumber. further north you come to LaPaz which is a wonderful mid-size town of 200,000 that is becoming a expat hotspot. The Sea of Cortez is sublime and must be scene to be appreciated, Jacques Cousteau called it the most special body of water in the world for its diversity of marine life. further north you come to Loreto and Mulege two very special towns that will take your breath away with their mix of desert mountains and the many islands in the Sea of Cortez where the water is so still it looks like a lake. Crossing over the desert you start up the northern Baja coastline nearest to San Diego with the Ensenada to Rosarita Beach that has many folks moving to because they can still drive into California within a 1-2 hours or less. This is also where Mexico’s fine wine growing region is. They are making true Gold Metal award winning wines here that are top notch.

Todos Santos

If you’ve not been – and most haven’t – circle ‘Todos Santos’ for the next Baja trip. Sure, some long-timers say it’s not what it used to be, as popularity has swelled (and its ‘gringo: Mexicano’ ratio has evened out), but it still beats the Cabo San Lucas condos for laid-back sense of peace in Baja Sur (incidentally one of Mexico’s safest states). It’s a little more than an hour from the Cabo or La Paz airports, it’s a mountain-backed artist community near very good surfing beaches. You can easily drive into Sammy Hagar bars and boat trips at Cabo, then return for the quiet at night. Plus the Hotel California here likes to claim it’s the Hotel California (it isn’t, but don’t tell them we said so).

Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo area has experienced incredible growth over the last 10 years with many high-end developments that span both sides of the highway. The airport is doubled in size and they built a new toll road to bring you out just above Cabo San Jose on the new highway. What ever your price-point is they have built it there in spades. Beautiful golf courses abound but they are very expensive but if your craving a 5 star resort golf course your in luck with several to choose from. Cabo is great place to eat out and go clubbing like your a college kid again if that’s your thing. Depending where you live Cabo has other useful shopping benefits like WalMart, Costco, Sam’s Club and other big name stores.

La Paz

LaPaz has quietly become a vey popular retirement destination. The malecon has grown to several miles stretching out of town towards the harbor and is beautiful with it’s colorful sculture and art work along the walkways. You will see children or family’s strolling and playing, joggers, roller bladders or lovers holding hands just taking in the beautiful scenery. There are many wonderful local eateries on both sides of the street to tempt you or maybe you just want to have cold Pacifico.

There are many new condos and residential developments that have sprung up in LaPaz or the surrounding areas. There is a nice harbor where you can moor your boat or catch a fishing charter or scuba diving adventure to the surrounding islands. The Sea Of Cortez is all around you and the endless opportunities for exploring will take many years to accomplish.

Cerritos Beach

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